Recovery Kit

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Improve your health and focus with WelcomeWFH’s Recovery Kit. This curated box includes: More Labs’ Morning Recovery Drink, Aqua+ Hydration Packets, and Liquid Focus.

Morning Recovery Drink - if you have ever had an adult beverage or two, you may have also experienced the after-effects. This More Labs Morning Recovery drink is here to help with just that. Made with a proprietary blend of electrolytes and more to help you hydrate and feel good the next morning, Morning Recovery has been clinically shown to improve hangover symptoms.

Aqua+ Hydration Packets - a proprietary blend of electrolytes and more to help you hydrate and feel good the next morning

Liquid Focus - Made with clinically proven ingredients to help heighten focus, boost productivity, and increase energy.

Fulfilled by our friends at Morning Recovery

Recovery Kit

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